Great recovery!

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Hey Yall,

On 5-10-10 I lost all (22) eggs and some of my systems to a tornado. These Martins are troopers.

Nest check today:

34 pairs
81 eggs

We are back on the way! 8)
Steve Kroenke
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Hey Harley,

That is wonderful news! Martins are adaptable and they will re-nest if there is enough time left in the season.

Thanks for sharing that good news with us.

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Congratulations! That was an awesome recovery! I only lost 6-7 eggs with all the wet/cold weather, and they're already replacing them (thankfully).

Keep on truckin, dude!
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Robert Richerson
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Way to go Harley! I remember when you were frustrated and disheartened and even said you didn't know if it was worth repairing. Guess this is your answer.

I hope things are smoother going the rest of the year for you.
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Harley, It couldn't be said better than Robert said it, I agree :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: ! Hope you have an excellent recovery!! Jimnks.
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YALL, JEEZ, It worked (the smiley faces), I thought it was going to be ;grin, ;grin,;grin;,etc. and I didn't even have to ask Lucky, will miracles ever cease?Good luck Harley :grin: .Now if I could just learn how to type better! Have a nice day, I've had an excellent one! :grin: 8) :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :grin: !!!Jimnks
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Harley, that is wonderful news! I hope the rest of the season is just fantastic for you.

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John Barrow
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Your report of the tornado tragedy was stunning and disheartening. I am thrilled that your colony is rebounding so well and that the golden sky at the end of the storm has settled on your location.

Best wishes for a safe and successful season, and our thoughts and prayers remain with those in your area who still suffer loss.

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Hey Yall,

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I must admit that I was frustrated. My Retr-pole was bent badly and I put allot of work into it. 2 other poles down. My home and other property damaged. I said some foxhole prayer in that storm cellar and they were not in vain. Yall know when you are praying for the lives of your family the prayers are intense and sincere.

I was able to get my systems back up and running. There really wasn't any other option for me. I've never been a quitter and my Martins were depending on me. They ARE showing their gratitude. This is going to be a great year after all and this was a learning experience.

Wishing you all a great year! 8)
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