Purple martin TV: Mission Accomplished!

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In the spirit of defiance to the sort of people who create and launch worms... some photos....
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Hey Scully!!

Makes me laugh and cry - - - happy and sad at the same time . . .

Thanks for sharing their story.
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What wonderful photos of your martins in action. Like Laverne said, it also made me happy but sad too, especially after the loss of mine. I only got to see them thru about day 12. I remember thinking how cute they were the first few days and then suddenly they got SO UGLY. What happened :-). They were a combination of two colors and so much larger than the time I had checked before. I guess I didn't expect an "ugly" phase since they were my first and I was really surprised :-). When they met their demise, sadly they were getting cute again, getting feathers.
Hopefully next year. Thanks for the darling pics.

Thank you for the beautiful pictures. How small is that camera?

Elouise, if it it the same type camera that we have, it is approximately 1 1/4 x 1 1/4. So little you cannot imagine what a marvelous job that it does. To be able to witness the nesting, the eggs being laid, the hatching, and the babies growing, is a treat beyond belief. Thanks MIKE for showing the great pictures :!:

My that is a small camera, thanks Holly!!

yes it truly is. if you would like, I would be happy to take a picture with my mavica and that shoul let me send the size needed to go through. i can send it to your private mail. I do not want to do anything wrong. Just let me know. I just wish that all landlords had access to a camera. I remember when Don and i used to snicker at those that had a camera. We said we would not go "That" far. :lol: but we did learn to eat our words. i would love to have as many as we could possibly handle. The more we can learn about these flying angels, the better.

What a great story, thanks for sharing!

Holly, thank you I would love to have a picture :grin:
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