The season begins in NE KS!

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Yesterday morning, I woke up to find a pair of beautiful martins soaring above my site. They are one day later than last year. What a glorious Easter! 8)

This morning, I noticed a third, single male. I expect more to show up in the coming days. I had four pairs last year as well as two, single SY males.
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Congratulations, Candace! I checked your profile and it only mentions your total for 2008. Did you have martins last year?

I bet your site really starts to grow now!
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Thanks, Kathy!

I did have martins last year. I need to go update my profile. :P
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Way to go Candace, I have seen them at McLouth and Basehor but I haven't seen any at our place yet but I still believe they will arrive any day or at least I hope!! Have a nice day!! Jim
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Hey Candace. Congrats. I saw your martin report then thought you miight of posted on forum. :grin:


I'm so happy for you. You are such an encourager, you deserve your Martins. I hope you fill up this year. :grin:
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Got my first scout on April 1--thought it may have been a joke--next day he was back. This year he sat on the north side of the m. house on the porch.
Last year first year for house on this property, he sat on the power line.
Today, I noticed a lady friend of his this afternoon.

Tonight we are in a Tornado Watch until 2 am tomorrow morning. My dog is pretty 'antsy'. :roll:

Yesterday, Topeka, and Osage County (our old stomping martin grounds) had quarter inch hail.

More people putting up more housing is good for the martins, but now I think my neighbor's has become an 'empty nester'! :-(

Congrats! Candace

ChrisM N Brown County Ks
Jeff Robinson
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Great news Candace and Chris - wishing you both a great Martin season!
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Thanks Jeff and good luck to you and all of our martin lovers.

Thanks too for all of the great support and info, am learning something new each and every time I check in.!

Best to all for a great year!!!
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Great news!!! So glad they are back & right on time for you!!! I currently have 2 ASY pairs & may have a 3rd ASY male laying claim as well...think it may be my SY male that successfully fledged 3 last season...he seems familiar with my house! The other ASY male has claimed an enlarged compartment with a tunnel clinger & side entrance with his lady fair. Haven't seen any SYs yet but having visitors daily it seems.
Congratulations...your season is only will be interesting to see how many us "newbies" get this year!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
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Congrats first one showed up the 31st and now i'm up to around 20..but have a ways to go to repeat 30 plus pair last year..good luck to you on ur season...Tony

Got an adult male on Monday. Opened the house and he checked it out. Don't know if he is one from last yr. Lots of wind since then and no martin. On the brite side of sparrows! (yet) Last two years pond parties have dwindled their numbers! :twisted: Very early for this site. Hope this is his house and his buddies make it back.
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