Anniversary,New Grand Baby,and my Birds Return in same Wk.

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Well this has been a good Week
my anniversary on 22, a new grand Baby on 23,my martins come back on the 24.
What els could I ask for ???????????????????

" For A Good Season "

Good Morning to all

N5OCG Elmer
Craig Haddox
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A top of the morning to you Elmer. And congratulation's on your anniversary, your grand baby, and your martins.
CUL Lou~Mich

Elmer. I think you really need to go buy a couple dozen lottery tickets. Oh wait, one should be enough. ha ha. What a great week you're having. Congratulations to you and yours. Hope the good luck continues to be with you. CUL Lou
Sharon - Central TX
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This should be a test as to where your priorities lie - that new grandbaby or the martins :-). Seriously, congratulations on all three events. You're right, it can't get much better. A good marriage, grandchildren and martins. Life is good.
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