TRES good or Bad with Martins

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I have two pair of TRES.Is this a problem for Martins? they have thier own boxes.

Thanks Dave
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Hi Dave,
If the TRES have their own nest cavities about 25-35' away from the martins, they will be fine. I followed the instructions at this site and ended up with bluebirds, TRES & martins nesting here last year in harmony. ... gency.html

The TRES are kinda cute when they fly with the martins...wanting to soar with their bigger cousins. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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hi dave,i haven't had any problems, last year tres nested within 100' of a martin house that had martins, seemed like they got along alright. tres are pretty aggressive little rascals i have had them take over houses that i thought bluebirds were going to nest in,they get along fine with bluebirds after they decide who's going to nest in what box. i just offer more boxes,25 total. i have 4 nestboxes in my pond and 1 martin house, yesterday a belted kingfisher decided to use a tres box for a perch while looking for dinner those tres blasted him off there in short order! have a nice day.
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