Very late nest in St. Louis

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John Miller
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Have been lowering a few units today to check on things, after nearly all have fledged. I especially wanted to check a gourd where I could see parents feeding, but was puzzled at the age of the babies. Apparently there was a re-nest -- (eggs a month ago I think didn't hatch) -- because I found 4 healthy approimately 8-day-old nestlings. That means these would fledge about Aug. 14. The lastest fledging I've heard of in Missouri was Aug. 10. Let's hope these make it. Moderate temps predicted for next week at least, but tends to get very hot here in Aug.

John M

wow, I feel for them. I remember how lonely the 1 late nesting female I had was last year. The day her 2 babies fledged-they were gone. Also in mid august. I wonder if the late migration decreases survivability of the young?
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Hi John,

I discovered a late nest in a Troyer gourd that had nothing all season until I found 4 eggs just a few days ago. It now has 3 babies and 1 egg (probably won't hatch). They should fledge around the 20th to 21st of August. I sure hope the parents see this out.......................

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I had a very late nest a few years ago at the colony I manage at work. Seems it fledged in August. If I remember correctly, not many other martins hung around and waited. I found one dead martin... probably the youngest, and the siblings couldn't wait another day and couldn't get the last one "talked into leaving".

It will be interesting to hear/read your posts on your late nest.

They are in good hands with you watching them.
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All of my martins have been coming back every night, albeit in dwindling numbers. Tonight they stopped by, but didn't stay. An ASY pair even abandoned their second nesting (it had already failed). It appears someone in Missouri has pushed the "time to migrate" button and they are flocking off to a roost somewhere. :roll:

I hope your babies make it. Please keep us posted! Larry's right - they're in good hands!
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