Bad Day at Black Rock for Gus (fotoman) Help

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I know things have not been going well for Gus and he has been down hearted about losing so many BS babies, and the attacks his fledglings have taken.
I PM'd him twice and he finally answered sadly.
:cry: Last BS baby gone.
:cry: Little Runt died overnite, after pacing back and forth on the porch last night looking for a parent? :roll:
:???: Last PM baby fledged today.
No adult birds, so no babies, and no families. :|

He said he would explain later, but I think he needs a boost before he can communicate all his sorrow.

Thank you my martin friends.
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If I can say anything to Gus, I say job well done! :grin: We have all been challenged this season, with either the drought or too much rain and those nasty Buffalo Gnats across the country! :???:

Gus, you have done all you can do. Sometimes mother nature is just cruel. If it weren't for all the landlords here like yourself, these martins would have a slim chance of raising young at all. Everyone has been working hard, doing multiple nest checks, to supplemental feeding, to rehabbing! I know in my 10 years of land lording martins this is the worst year yield rate I have ever experienced. I believe many landlords to say the same thing as I am saying. Keep up the good work, get ready for next year and work on new ideas like you have done so well with this year. Just keep busy! :)

It's bad enough when all the martin leave and it's getting real quiet here, but we have to know we have and still putting up in the air some of God's precious creatures.

Hang in there Gus, we are with you.

I'm a "nestcamaholic" Is 18 hours a day a bad thing? (I have 2 this year, luckily I have 2 eyes!)
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You are so sweet always taking care of others.....I feel so bad and sorry for Gus. I just know how he must feel!!!! Most of us had a different season this year with lots of losses due to various reasons. It also has been very sad and upsetting for us; there is nothing worse for a bird landlord than having to watch the death of a babe, might it be by a predator, disease or starvation. It is absolutely heartbreaking....that is when I often think I am going to give up. But then with the wonderful people on the Forum and their encouragements, we always are reminded that we do so much good for the martins, the BS, and any other songbird on our backyard....and that is really something we do need to remember. We can only do so much and our very best, but unfortunately Mother Nature has different plans......

I know Gus this is not what you want to hear right now....I fully understand. So all I can say is that I am truly sorry for what happened during your song bird season, but also that you are a great, observant and caring landlord and you did the very best you can!!!!!!
Again, I am very sorry about all your losses and the pain you had to endure this season.

Love it or leave it~~~Astrid :-)
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I finally was able to watch the house cam yesterday, and just saw the runt and one of the other nestling's. I didn't know if the other four had fledged or not. I didn't even see the runt for the longest time, as I guess it was out on the porch. I wasn't able to get the Toshiba cam to load, so I couldn't view outside the houses/gourds. I never did see a parent come in, but I hoped maybe they were feeding them at the entrance, and I just couldn't see them. I watched till about 8:30 last night. I got up this morning to watch again, but I couldn't get the house cam to load, so I didn't know what was going on.

Gus, I'm so sorry for the loss of your BS's and the little runt. You did the best you could do, and you are a great landlord.
....... Pat

Wow, it's hard to offer good words. Next season will just be better!

My best...

- Steve
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I'm so sorry Gus, I know how you feel when you can't talk about it because it just hurts too much to say it. When people say to me it's just a bird they have no ideal what we feel. I think you did a very Good job even though I know running through your mind you are thinking what else could I have done like we all do.
Donna Gillbee

Hang in there GUS!
I was on top of the world earlier this year when the PMs started fledging.
However, things have started going down hill here to. I've lost 5 chicks, had three nest abandoned and a couple that fledged a lil early, but I found them in my yard.
But, I realize that one person can't change nature, but I can help "her" along and I'm greatful for the ones that did make it this year!

I can't wait for next year!!
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