New lens on my NestCam, sharper video - check it out

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I installed a new wide angle lens on the NestCam that is in my Sunset Inn housing compartment #1. The video is noticably more clear. Take a look here:

This camera is one of those with night vision, and to accomodate that, when it gets dark, the camera turns on a set of six (6) LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and then switches to B&W mode to pick up the image from the infrared lighting provided by the LEDs.

During the day, with bright sunshine coming in via the entrance hole, the camera goes into color mode. The color mode is quite a bit sharper than the B&W night mode.

An interesting observation is that for a good part of the day, the camera does NOT detect enough light coming in to go into the color mode, so it switches to B&W mode. Right now, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sun is at an angle that it shines really brightly into the entrance hole and the camera stays in color mode. However, when a cloud casts a shadow, the camera switches to B&W mode! Also, whenever one of the parents comes in with food, while they are coming in the entrance hole, the camera switches to B&W mode.

It's easy to tell when the camera switches. Just look at the thermometer that is in the back of the nest tray. When the camera goes into B&W mode, you will see two (2) vertical white bars right over the numeric display of the thermometer. This is a reflection of the LEDs coming on. When enough lighting re-appears, the vertical lines go away.

FYI, right now, the temperature inside the Nest Tray is 98 degrees with the ambient outside being 93 degrees. One of the six nestlings is out of the nest tray and on the entrance floor. One of the parents just came in with a HUGE dragonfly and first attempted to feed it to the one on the floor but then switched and fed it to the RUNT! So the runt IS getting plenty of food!

Yes, yes, I AM addicted to these nest cams! It's fascinating to watch what goes on inside the nest - not all of it is pleasant to watch! :grin:

My Gourd nest is on Camera 2. My three (3) Barn Swallow eggs are due to hatch on Saturday. I'd like to broadcast video of that also, I may have to time-share with one of the Martin nests.

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Very nice nest cam Gus! I just saw the little runt get a juicy dragonfly.... :grin:

I really enjoy watching your nest cams. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch them... :)
....... Pat
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