High Tech Nest Checker Tool

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$5.00 plus shipping,LOL

I'm tellin ya, you're gonna be rich :lol:
The Olsons
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I sedond lilyrose.... :lol: 8)

Love it or leave it~~~Astrid :-)
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I bought one of those and flipped a cricket two counties north!

I realize that we call a spoon/fork combination a spork but what should we call this?

Absolutely no disrespect intended, but I think we should avoid the term Spick.


:lol: :lol:

Ha, yes, I'll go with my second thought and call it a stoon.
Bill Hyde
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That is quite the Nest Checker Thingy. Omigosh! Did I just think of another choice for a name?
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Hey Dick,

I have seen one of those things before. My grammie has one in a cupboard right next to a box of suppositories and a big ol' jar of cod liver oil.

I never had the courage to ask her which one it was used with. :shock:

Later, Tim
The Olsons
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I would not ask either :lol: :lol: :lol:

Astrid :wink:
Love it or leave it~~~Astrid :-)
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OMG, you guys are cracking me up!..... :lol:
....... Pat
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Ha so did you patent it Dick? :lol:
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If you have lots of money to just throw around , a patent is useless. I learned the hard way(monies spent). If you are not making millions upon millions and can keep forking out big bucks for patent enfringement attorneys and can wait 12 to 15 years for a court date and then lose, hey go for it. The little guy can't win unless he has big bucks as I say or a multi million dollar corporation backing him. Here is the way to win, come up with something you can make for a dime ,sell for a dollar and every body needs 5 or 6 ,then you got it!!!!!!What a pile that would be. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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