Happy New Year with Lots of Martins!

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Sharon - Central TX
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Hi everyone,
Just got back on the forum after our albeit short winter. But with the weather the way it has been everywhere, it is hard telling what can happen between now and Spring.
You all scared me with this talk of early birds so hubby and I spent today taking down our houses and gourds and cleaning them all up for the upcoming season. It was a beautiful day in the high 70's, so we took advantage of this nice weather to get ready. Tomorrow we will get them back up with entrances closed off so they will be ready for the newcomers.
Some of you know my tragedy last year with the snake and my first brood. I'm trying again and taking the necessary precautions to keep the serpent out. I hope to never go through another experience like that and hopefully we got the snake out quickly enough that the birds will come back to us. We will see.
I just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best New Year. Here's to a successful 2006 martin season.
Sharon in Georgetown, TX
John Atteberry

Hello Sharon,
You did what I did today too, I cleaned my supergourds and natureline gourds. I touched up some paint work from painting them last year and I got 8 gourds left to be painted! Then I got to get the poles up! Welcome in the new year right! Good Luck to you and everyone this year! Thanks John!

What a difference 1000 miles makes. It will be a long time before i see 70 degrees. I am also cleaning, painting, fixing and improving upon my housing but i won't see PMs until April 1st if i am lucky.
One of the benefits of the forum is i get to enjoy PMs thru the eyes of others.
Keep writing it helps me get thru the winter.
Have a Great Day- Jim
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