fledged 8 so far

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Martin Colony History: 2020: 2 pair of SY with 4 eggs ,fledge 7
2021: 5 pair 25 eggs fledge 18, 4 egg 2nd brood attempt

Last 2 days I watched as #1's 6 chicks fledged. Today I wanted to do the second nest change on 3 other cavities.
I screwed up. The 1st replacement went just fine, but when I opened the access door to do another, a couple chicks from another cavity, not the 1 I wanted to change, started hollering at me and before I knew it 1 started to move at me. I kept it from flying, but 2 more flew at me and escaped. These chicks were a day from fledging on their own. I should have waited on the nest change a few
more days, my mistake. I was lucky the 2 that flew the coop flew around the houses till dad showed up and escorted them home. Tonight
I had to watch them 8 go in and I breathed a sigh of relief. Tomorrow I will cut a temporary door to stop that from
happening again.
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It happens, glad they made it back as Im sure the parents are too. Relief!!
Sounds like you had your hands full for a bit. :grin: You could just plug the entrance with a bit of foam? let them settle after raising (5-6 min) and pull the string to pop them out. Sounds easy, sometimes Iv got to get a long pole to get the foam out, the angle from where Im pulling the string is just too steep, the pole helps to get it straight out.
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Martin Colony History: 2010-2014 located in Slidell LA. Gourd rack with 16 gourds. Max of 2 pairs during this short period in Slidell. Plenty of fledglings.

2014-present.. moved to Broussard LA. Same Gourd Rack but added a 6 room house (modified from a 12 room)

2020: after a long drought of nothing, 4 pairs and 4 nests, 23 eggs total.
6 fledges.

2021: 9 pair, 47 eggs
36 hatchlings
30 fledged

Wow! Glad it all worked. It’s happened to me too.
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I had the same thing happen last year but gained experience from it. I was doing nest checks then noticed 2 chicks on the ground. By the time I re-opened 1/2 the compartments to find their nest I had another chick on the ground. Having a lot of time pass during the fiasco I decided to plug everything that had older chicks then went through them again one at a time to get everything correct while being squawked at. Finally, I had the house up and plugs pulled. They gave me quite the workout, but all turned out well in the end. I then realized the importance of keeping good records and using those plugs.
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2020 - Rack 1 - 6 B011s, Rack 2 - 24 B011s, and Rack 3 - 24 Troyer Horizontals. All gourds have tunnels, porches and crescent/Conley 11 entrances; racks have predator guards. 161 eggs - 88 fledged.
2021 - 54 gourds-214 eggs, 184 hatched, 168 fledged.

Makes one frantic when that happens. I use a rag and a safety pin. I attach the pin to the middle of the rag; one end of the 15' string to the pin, the other end to a weight. I use a large enough rag so that the pin can hang over the edge of any obstruction, like the lip of the porch, but there is plenty enough rag to prevent any escape. After I raise the rack, I'll wait 5 minutes or so the residents can settle then I pull the string. No hang ups thus far. I suppose the foam trick will work but seems to me that the fit must be more precise. A rag gives more leeway. Different strokes for different folks!
Happy Martining, Mike
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Martin Colony History: 2020: 2 pair of SY with 4 eggs ,fledge 7
2021: 5 pair 25 eggs fledge 18, 4 egg 2nd brood attempt

My door plugs and entry plates fit snug, I cut PVC sheet on a NC router. the martins flew out the nest access door which is
7 1/4 x 16 inches . the plug I made today was 5 15/16 x 7 1/4 inches to cover 1 of 3 cavities. I must spin the house to
access the nest door. 8)
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