pmca colony update 2019: Banding and Field Research

It has been a busy month for our field research team here at the PMCA. Our twice weekly nest checks now included banding and nest changes on most days. All of the nestlings at our colony sites are banded when they reach at least eleven days old. By the end of the season we will have banded over 500 nestling Purple Martins.

Our banding setup: Banding pliers, bands, and our field journal to record each banded bird with its site location and cavity number.
A banded Purple Martin nestling. Each nestling receives a purple auxiliary band on its right leg and a silver federal band on its left leg.

We also continued our research into Purple Martin Migration by deploying ten GPS data loggers on the backs of adult Purple Martins. These devices will be retrieved next year when the birds return.

A GPS data logger that will be deployed on an adult Purple Martin as a backpack.

All seven of ourĀ  live camera nestlings fledged on July 21st. The nestlings and Jolene are still returning to the gourd in the evenings so we will continue our live feed until they are no longer visiting the gourd. Stay tuned for our Season 4 Martin TV Recap video.

Live Nestcam


Mercedes Leofsky

PMCA Field Biologist


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  1. Martins are moved out for the season, 31,babies this yr. going to miss the gliders till next yr

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