PMCA Colony Update 2019: Our Martins have arrived

The spring is an exciting time here at the PMCA. We share the anticipation with our fellow Purple Martin landlords for the arrival of our Purple Martins to our colonies. We follow along with the Scout-Arrival map and look to the skies when the arrival time approaches.

That day arrived for us this year on April 9th as a male and female pair flew around our gourd rack at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. The air is now filled with the chatter of martins at each of our colony sites with more martins arriving as each week passes.

The first few arrivals at our Sommerheim Colony

In the last 2 weeks the martins journeyed further north into Canada and the sub-adults are as far north as Ohio. If your martins have not arrived yet, do not fret. The migration is still ongoing and will be for the next few weeks.

Our Scout-Arrival Study map as of May 3, 2019. Adult birds are reported with a purple dot and sub-adults are yellow dots.

We await the arrival of our sub-adult birds and look forward to that first nest with eggs. Stay tuned to our blog page for updates on our colony throughout the season.

Mercedes Leofsky

PMCA Field Biologist