PMCA Colony Update 2018: Hatching has begun

Over the weekend, our first eggs of the season hatched. We had three nests at Sommerheim with little pink babies and expect nests at our other locations to begin hatching by the end of the week. We are almost at full capacity, with active nests in nearly every compartment. What an exciting time of year!

A nest with 3 young and 3 eggs left to hatch. The egg in the middle finished hatching before our eyes
A Purple Martin nest with three young that are 2 days old.


Unfortunately on Saturday we, yet again, lost our female martin featured on the live NestCam.  She left in the afternoon and never came back. We are saddened to experience this loss again but have moved the camera back to the original gourd.

Our original male, John, and his new mate Wrigley (she used a gum wrapper as nesting material)  have been busy building their nest and laid their first egg this morning. We are thrilled that John was able to attract a new female after losing his mate at the beginning of the season. These eggs will hatch around the first of July, depending on how many eggs she ends up laying.

Follow this link to watch the live NestCam: Purple Martin NestCam 2018


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