The PMCA's New Educational Poster

Reprinted from: Purple Martin Update 10(1): 26
Darren Milligan
Purple Martin Conservation Association

The PMCA is continually searching for innovative ways to promote public interest in the welfare of Purple Martins, as well as martin conservation in general. An appreciation for martins is often one of the first introductions we have into the value of wildlife in our lives. Educating our families and the public on the benefits and delights of these swallows is such a wonderful gift. Our educational martin poster is an enjoyable new answer to our search and we are excited to tell the story of the Purple Martin in this way.

The poster covers a wide range of information regarding the life history, management requirements, and conservation needs of the Purple Martin. It begins with a description of the historic tradition shift, leading martins from natural cavity nesting, to Native American gourds, and finally the transition to European colonial-condo nesting. The poster discusses many aspects of martin biology, including plumage variation, breeding range and migration, diet, and raising a family. It also covers issues of martin stewardship, including choosing the right location to erect martin housing, selecting the correct style of house, controlling nest-site competitors, as well as keeping records of your colony site’s successes and failures. Finally, it focuses on conservation, explaining reasons for the decline of martins, such as habitat loss and the introduction of nonnative species into the North American breeding range of the martin.

Whether hung in your home to keep your mind on martins during winter, hung near public martin housing in a kiosk or on a podium, or used in a school as part of a martin, or birding lesson, this poster can benefit everyone. Since the poster is filled with colorful photographs, maps, and illustrations, as well as information based on the latest research, anyone can enjoy it. The PMCA also has plans available for building a simple display stand if you would like to show your poster in a public setting since more martin housing is being erected in parks and on conservation lands. Landlords are even putting up a poster in their yards to encourage a dialog on martin conservation with their neighbors and friends.

The PMCA’s new Educational Poster is printed using waterproof inks on a weatherproof plastic stock, and is much more resilient to moisture and sun than a paper poster that has just been laminated. The weatherproofed poster is approximately 25” x 19.” This useful poster is available from the 2001 Martin Market Place catalog, or on-line at Price $10.95 + $4.00 S&H.

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