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Kevin Oxendine
  • Maxton, NC
  • Robeson County
  • I have had a purple. Martin colony for nine years . My first year I had 5pr , with in 5 yr I had 100 prs. I enjoy the martin very much . Maybe I can help someone get a purple martin colony started .looking forward to help someone
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  • 910-734-8841
  • Posted: February 2014

gary osborne

Gary Tessneer

  • Greenwood, SC
  • Greenwood County
  • I have hosted purple martins in three different locations and have had Purple Martins for the past 20 years. I received much of my information from the PMCA throught the purple martin update long before the internet craze. I have used my experience and the countless hours of reading book after book after book to educate me even more. I guess the best ideas and information I have learned about purple martins came from my ability to talk and ask questions. I can be driving down the road and see a martin landlord with a great set-up and I stop to talk to them. I have learned so much this way. I love helping people and helping nature not hesitate to contact me..........birds of a feather flock together.......Happy Birding!!!
  • 104 Larkspur Lane
    Greenwood, SC  
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  • Moncks Corner, SC
  • Berkeley County
  • 25 years experience with martins in the low country of SC. Recently had major problem with starlings, but got them all cleaned up!
  • 1003 McKnight Forest Rd
    Moncks Corner, SC  
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  • 843-899-8424

  • Prosperity, SC
  • Newberry County
  • My family has had a Purple Martin colony since 1948. I currently have 5 poles with 138 natural gourds. I produce both gourds and poles for the public. I am located 3 miles north of Lake Murray in Prosperity.
  • 191 J. Edwin Boozer Dr.
    Prosperity, SC  
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  • 803-364-4231

  • Nesmith, SC
  • I have been an avid Purple Martin enthusiast since childhood in the early 50s. Recently, I have replaced all my aluminum bird houses with plastic gourds, eight poles with sixteen gourds each. Be sure to type on the subject line of your email, in caps: PURPLE MARTINS, to insure that I see your email and that it is not lost in spam.
  • 621 Turner Rd.
    Nesmith, SC  
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  • 843-382-2837

  • Charleston, SC
  • Dorchester County
  • Purple Martin Majesty (in the FOUTAIN WALK, at the South Carolina Aquarium) . I have raised Martins by the hundreds over the past 35 years at several locations around SC, and have started a small business helping other folks in Charleston establish martin colonies at their homes. We offer various housing options and do our best to help you to attract marins once your housing is up.
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  • 800-450-2174

  • Isle of Palms, SC
  • PMCA Charter member, landlord for 10 years, hosted 48 pairs in most recent season. Email me and I will be glad to help however I can.
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Lisa Vogt
  • Winterville, GA
  • Madison County
  • Just moved to the country and have a pasture and a 2 acre lake. I recently saw Purple Martins flying over my lake catching bugs. I have collected 5 gourds and a bicycle wheel but still need a telescoping pole. I need help locating a pole and finding someone who can drill holes in the gourds. I also need help knowing where to place the pole. I know I have at least 5 pairs of aggressive wood ducks who nest on my lake in February so I'm hesitant to place the pole at the end of my boat dock. I can place the pole in the middle of my pasture but the map on this website showing placement was a little confusing as it showed a max distance from the house and trees. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to have Purple Martins and I want to do it right. Thank you!
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  • Posted: August 2014

Rodger Drye
  • Mt. Pleasant, NC
  • Cabarrus County
  • I have been hosting Purple Martins for 21 years, never been able to attract more than 8 - 10. Do not know if any fledged, had a heavy old fashion lean down pole,(No nest Checks). Copying my Dad who used old fashion poles with small brown gourds and he had hundreds of Martins. So many his property was deemed a "Bird Sanctuary". Have become serious this year - put up Multipurpose Pole,2 houses, Excluder and Troyer Gourds. I believe I have a good location, as I'm out in the country open area, lots of insects, and close to a body of water. Would like to have a mentor to help and advise. I must be doing something wrong - there's just no reason why I shouldn't have more than 10 Martins. Last year had only 6.
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  • Posted: March 2014

Glenn Simon
  • Chapel Hill, NC
  • Orange County
  • Finally have colony after trying for over 15 years in several locations near my home. Thinking of making improvements before Spring and wanted to get some advice on best way to spend my time and money. Also want more info. on how active I need to be during breeding time. Thank you. Glenn
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  • 919-606-2803
  • Posted: February 2014

Rodger Drye Sr.
  • Mout Pleasant, NC
  • Cabarrus County
  • I have been trying since 1991 with limited success. Looking for someone to help advise on how to help my colony grow.
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  • 7044362094
  • Posted: January 2014

Carl E. Austin, Jr.
  • Grovetown, GA
  • Columbia County
  • I just erected (June 2011) a Deluxe Gourd Rack in the back yard. This system has 12 SuperGourds with crescent holes, porches, owl guards, and a predator guard. I know it was too late in the season to expect any pairs to nest, but I have had a few flying around it to check it out...maybe next year.
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  • Posted: July 2011

Brenda Toulouse
  • Troutman, NC
  • Iredell County
  • I have no experience with purple martins, but I have purchased a colony house. I plan on putting it up the first week in March. I have a lot of other birds in my yard that I feed regularly, will this impact the martins? I would like any information anyone could share with my to become a successful landlord.
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  • Posted: February 2010

michael cain
  • westminster, SC
  • oconee County
  • Im having a problem with other birds nesting in my t-14 house.
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  • Posted: May 2008

Marie and Ron Kadan
  • Liberty Hill, SC
  • kershaw County
  • We put up a 12 unit house last year on the edge of Lake Wateree - did not get any takers. Just put it up again this year as all our neighbors are putting out their gourds and houses this weekend for their returning families. Hope we have better luck this season. Any help for beginners will be welcomed.
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  • Posted: February 2008

Karen Patterson
  • Commerce, GA
  • Madison County
  • I would like to establish a Purple Martin colony on my property and Iím looking for some guidance on how to do this right. Iím trying to use them to help with mosquito control. Iíll be using bats and bug eating plants as well. I like working with nature instead of using pesticides.
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  • Posted: September 2006

Shane & Rosalyn Kuhnemann
  • Troutman, NC
  • Iredell County
  • My wife and I have just purchased and put up a 12 unit house. We are very anxious to become landlords. We would greatly appreciate any help we can get.
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  • Posted: May 2006

Marjorie E. Dwyer

  • Charleston, SC
  • Dorchester County
  • We put up a 16 compartment Purple Martin House almost three years ago. As far as we can tell we have never attracted any purple martins. This year when we checked the houses, there appear to be 4 compartments with nesting materials. These materials are medium to large twigs. We don't know if this means our house has finally been discovered by martins or not. We have yet to see any martins. The marting house is however rather high on a pole in the side yard away from the surrounding tree tops and not easily viewed from our patio.
  • 120 Sunrise Road
    Charleston, SC  
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