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Cindy Robinson
  • St. Francisville, LA
  • LA County
  • I would be honored to mentor. I have had Purple Martins now for 12 years. They are gorgeous, and they do communicate with you when they are in trouble. I keep them close to the front of the house where I can see them easily, and will help them during times when young ones try to fly. They can get caught in some commercial home bannisters that are on their balconies, so you can cut some of those bannisters out to prevent that. Here's to hearing from you.
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  • Posted: April 2015

Neil Ortego

emlyn smith
  • Bentley, LA
  • Have experience attracting them in rural and urban situations. Would love to help someone else get established.
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  • Posted: June 2014

Lester Cannon
  • Morganza, LA
  • Pointe Coupee County
  • Active colony for over 25 years. Colony consisted of over 50 breeder pairs in 2006 and expanding for 2007. Would enjoy helping someone interested in Purple Martins get started.
  • 9544 Cannon Lane
    Morganza, LA  70759
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  • Posted: December 2006

Danny M Brooks

  • Kenner, LA
  • I'm a 3rd year landlord learning more every year, and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Purple Martin process. I definitely don't have all the answers, but have overcome many challenges to make my colony work.
  • 4017 Martinique Ave.
    Kenner, LA  
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  • New Iberia, LA
  • I would be honored to be a mentor. I have a large colony (75 nesting pairs in 1999) of aluminum and gourd houses.
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  • Jefferson, LA
  • Happy to be a mentor. We have a small colony of Purple Martins in Super Gourds. Board member of National WildBird Refuge, a non-profit organization headquartered near New Orleans in Metairie, Louisiana.
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  • Luling, LA
  • My colony is 4 years old, have 27 nesting pairs this season. Housing consist of 1 TG 12 and 28 supergourds. Fledged 125 young last year and looks like it will be about 135 this season. Really enjoy having these birds around and willing to help anyone get started if I can.
  • 234 Beaupre Dr.
    Luling, LA  
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  • 985-785-3997

James kibodeaux
  • Acadia parish County
  • 1- I installed a S&k 16 room plastic purple martin house with telescoping pole this year. 2- I have 8 nesting pairs in the new house and 8 nesting pairs in the old house.The martins love the new house. 3- Next year I will in stall a 6 new plastic gourds with telescoping pole. I been having purple martins housing up for about ten years but their were mounted on permount poles.Every year poles were layed down an cleaned and left down until next season which is around end ofJanuary or begin of Feburary.Once the house is put back up then the sparrows take over. When this happens the houses are taken down at lest four are five times to be cleaned out.I try to keep the houses clean until the martins start arriving.Once they arrive the houses stay up.Houses are all color coded to face the same direction & Height
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  • Posted: April 2014

Bubba Alford

Roy Stark
  • Kirbyville, TX
  • Newton County
  • We have had one clucth that hatched 3 years ago. I have a Lonestar gourd system up and am desperate to get more purple martins here. I am 20 miles from the Louisiana border. Merryville and deRidder are within an hour from me. I am 20 miles south of Jasper,Texas and 55 miles north of Orange,Texas. 60 miles from beaumont,Texas.
  • 474 CR 563
    Kirbyville, TX  75956
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  • 409-423-2132
  • Posted: January 2013

Stella Cordova
  • Sugar Land, TX
  • Fort Bend County
  • I put up my first Martin House July 2010 for one month, played the Dawn song and had visitors. This year I put it up in March played the dawn song with speaker on housing, used mirror, and put pine straw in compartments. Within 2 days I had my first pay of SY martins. Yesterday I was so worried b/c I could not see the female. The male was guarding the comparment most of the day. Later I saw her come out of the comparment. I guess she laid eggs, I will check this weekend. I am sort of scared to bring it down and check.
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  • Posted: April 2011

Ken Guidry
  • Duson, LA
  • LA County
  • This is my second year as a landlord. The first year I had 5 eggs with four that hatched and one of the pairs left later. It was a hard summer and I started late. This year I started early, opened up their house at the end of February. I now have three pairs. Each have had five eggs and two pairs have hatched and I\'m waiting on the other five eggs to hatch. I check my nests every week to keep up with them. I\'ve also removed a couple of tee-teese nest that they tried to start. Today I found another tee-teese trying to make a nest. So far no bugs and my Martins are busy flying back and forth feeding their young.
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  • 3372986888
  • Posted: May 2010

Debbie Babb
  • Lafayette, LA
  • Lafayette County
  • We\'ve been trying to get martins to occupy our birdhouse but so far no success. We\'ve been clearing out the nesting material of the other birds but have seen no sign of any martins.
  • 126 Faculty Dr
    Lafayette, LA  70506
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  • 337-981-8260
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  • Posted: April 2010

  • Stonewall, LA
  • DeSoto County
  • Have had the Heath 24 alum. up for two years now. Martins land on it, examine every compartment. They do this morning and evening but, nesting. Just put up another plastic Heath 12 comp. This box has been up approx. 3 days, no investigators as of yet. I have battled starlings with a reperating trap and appear to have won, haven\'t seen any in weeks. Still, is there any suggestions or commentsw as to why the martins just investigate for hours each day then disappear until late evening, and no nesting
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  • Posted: April 2009

Charles and Donna Guidry
  • Thibodaux, LA
  • Lafourche Parish County
  • This is the first yr we put up the house,and currently have martins nesting on one side, and sparrows trying to take over the other side, will remove the sparrows nest and hopefully discourage them enough to leave the site to the martins.
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  • Posted: April 2009

Elaine Dean
  • Bernice, LA
  • Parish Union County
  • I have tried for 8 years to attract purple martins. they will fly over and swoop down and circle. this will last for a day or two. then they will disappear. What is wrong with my site?
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  • Posted: March 2009

Robin & John Fletcher
  • DeRidder, LA
  • Beauregard County
  • We put up our house last year. This year we have noticed approximately 5 birds. Not very sure as to the number of females or males. We found 2 baby birds on the ground and I took pictures. I am pretty sure they are purple martins. Both of the babies ended up dying through the night (on the ground). I need information on how to help build my colony and how to protect the babies from falling out of the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Posted: May 2008

Scott Stevens
  • Lake Charles, LA
  • Calcasieu Parish County
  • Bought a 12-16 room house from Tractor Supply on Saturday March 29 and am wondering if it is time right now to set the pole in concrete and look for new Martins to nest? Also should plastic on roof and sides be painted white?
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  • Posted: March 2008

Jessica Hough
  • Saline, LA
  • Bienville County
  • I am looking to put up a purple martin house. We are new to birds and their houses. We have also put up some bluebird houses but haven\'t had any takers on those. We have two daughters (4 yrs and 2 yrs) that love birds. They watch them and can identify most of the birds that come to our house. I would love information on PM and how to attract them (food source, housing, etc.). Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.
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  • Posted: April 2007

Cat Bollich
  • Gonzales, LA
  • Ascension County
  • I'm going to the 7th grade and just built a Bat house with my dad and I am interested in purple martins as well. In particular, I'd like to grow gourds to make the houses so I need information on the type to grow and how to dry them and make the house.
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  • Posted: June 2006

Ron Willett
  • Flora, MS
  • Madison County
  • I built my first Troyer Martin House in 2000 and put it up in town. No luck. Moved to the country in 2001 and I finally got some birds last year (2004). I'm located 7 miles West of Flora in an area with lots of ponds. Looking forward to a large colony this year(2006). Would love to meet other purple martin landlords.
  • 2066 Cox Ferry Road
    Flora, MS  39071
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  • 601-879-8353
  • Posted: January 2006

Jeff Moses

Roy Stark
  • Kirbyville, TX
  • Newton County
  • I am located in southeast Texas 2 miles east of Kirbyville, in Newton county. I have put up a lonestar gourd system with 16 supergourds. I also have a rather wide and sturdy plastic martin house with 8 nesting holes. I am playing the dawn song religiously and have decoys up. Any help or inspiration will be appreciated. This is the first year that my wife and I have attempted to start a martin colony with the proper equipment.
  • Rt.6 box 563042
    Kirbyville, TX  75956
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  • 409-423-2132
  • Posted: March 2005

Melissa Noel
  • Donaldsonville, LA
  • Ascension County
  • I am interested in learning about purple martins and establishing a colony. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Posted: December 2004

  • Ruston, LA
  • Lincoln County
  • I'm moving to Ruston in late June 2004 and am interested in starting a martin colony. Would appreciate getting answers about whether our property is a suitable site and, if so, how to get started.
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  • Ethel, LA
  • East Feliciana County
  • I just put up a martin house a couple of weeks ago. it is april 2. i was wondering if i will get any martins this year? a neighbor about 1 quarter mile away has 6 houses. that should increase my chances of attracting the birds. am looking for a mentor.
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  • Saint Francisville, LA
  • West Feliciana County
  • My lot is so small. I have too many tele poles and lines around my home. But I would like to put up my 2 Purple Martin houses.
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  • Broussard, LA
  • Lafayette County
  • I have an old martin house to which a martin pair return each year. I bought a new house last year and did not have any luck attracting martins to it.
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  • Slidell, LA
  • I am putting up 16 natural gourds with SREH this year to try to get my colony started. I would like to hear from anyone interested in martins to get advice and talk birds with.
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  • 985-781-7846


  • Slidell, LA
  • Have just put my 1st 12 room Martin House together . Also have been checking your site for the first to arrive here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Franklinton, LA
  • Last season we had an old standard martin house, one young pair nested a short time and then left. This year we have a T-14, but so far no birds. Really excited about getting started and working with these wonderful birds.
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  • Pierre Part, LA
  • I bought a Purple Martin house with a telescoping pole (15'). I live on the Bayou in southern Louisiana. There are usually plenty of birds around, but very few have suitable housing. The house I bought has 12 holes and I paid a good sum for it. I really would like to get some birds and track their breeding so as to help this unique species. I will join the PMCA as soon as possible. Hints please.
  • 102 Crawfish Dr.
    Pierre Part, LA  
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  • Crowley, LA
  • We have been landlords for 4 years. In that time we have attracted one pair per year until this year. This year we have 3 nesting pairs. One pair came very early and have gotten the babies out and flying. Our other two couples have 1 nest with 5 eggs and another have just finished building their nest. We have never had couples build and lay so late. Our martins started out with a homeade bird house built on the advice of this site and other martin landlords. Our next 2 years we had birdhouses and gourds. The martins appear to like the gourds the best. We fill them with clean cedar shavings every year, and check them periodically from a swinging arm that my husband has devised. With the arm we can swing the gourds down at least once a week to check on their progress, clean debris, and sometimes empty out the intruders. This year we have a noisy colony going on and its a pleasure to watch. We have had a tragedy this year, one of the birds hatched and died before it even got feathers. We had to remove the poor little thing from the nest. We have no idea what happened. Starlings haven't been a problem yet, but they are in the yard. Sparrows are our greatest nuisance but don't appear to bother the martins much. We have to remove their eggs and nests frequently. We are interested in hearing about other martin landlords in our area. Can you help? We don't know as much as we'd like to and want to learn. Thanks.
  • 22575 Crowley-Eunice Hwy.
    Crowley, LA  
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