Songbird Essentials Buy One-Get One Grant Program    
In an effort to assist in the establishment or enhancement of martin colonies, the Purple Martin Conservation Association has teamed up with Songbird Essentials to offer a buy-one get one grant opportunity.  Songbird Essentials is a family owned company specializing in unique patented products that help consumers attract the beautiful songbirds they love to their homes, work place or public sites like schools and parks.  Under the Songbird Essentials Buy One-Get One Grant Program, successful applicants who purchase one Lonestar Alamo Martin House System (house, pole, pole guard, perching rods, winch and ground socket) from the PMCA will be granted a second system free, courtesy of Songbird Essentials*.

Individuals and privately-owned sites may be considered for the program, however preference will be given to unincorporated groups, nonprofit organizations, or other public or quasi-public entities whose properties and proposed projects will benefit the public as well as Purple Martins.  Preference will also be granted to those sites where special needs or opportunities exist.  Special needs and opportunities include, but are not limited to; cases where martin populations are in decline, where otherwise healthy colonies have been damaged by natural disasters or accidents, or where good opportunities for martin-related conservation and education occur.

To apply, send the completed application to:
Purple Martin Conservation Association
301 Peninsula Drive, Suite 6
Erie, PA 16505  

In replace of mail, applications can be emailed to[email protected].    

A description...
Lonestar Alamo Martin House System
Lonestar martin houses are the top-of-the-line in aluminum housing and incorporate many features designed to enhance nesting success and facilitate colony-site management. The Alamo has 14 deep compartments (6"x6"x12"), which aid in protecting your martins from owls and hawks, easy-access hinged doors for nest checks, an easy-to-use winch system for raising and lowering, offset holes with round or crescent entrances, individual porches with guard rails, designed to accomplish 100% occupancy, and fully-insulated attics.



*The awardee is responsible for paying shipping cost associated with the Songbird Essentials Buy One-Get One Grant Program. 

*The awardee is responsible for providing a short summary report of his/her experiences and successes with the grant program for use in the Purple Martin Update, a quarterly magazine published by the PMCA.