Source of 3 and 6 minute endless loop cassette tapes

From: Peter Clement - NY
Date: 6/14/01
Time: 2:47:28 PM


Hopeful new landlords setting up a Dawnsong and Chatter system may be frustrated by the fact that some Radio Shack and other local stores no longer stock endless loop tapes longer than 30 seconds, due to the popularity of digital answering machines. It seemed to me that the same 30 seconds played over and over was not enough, sort of like saying " hey guys..., hey guys..., hey guys..." instead of " hey guys, come on down here and check out this beautiful new site, it's got a house, gourds, a nice pond, no S and S, a great landlord, good food, check it out...etc. " It's also tough to find a reasonably priced CD player that operates with a appliance timer, since most CD "play" buttons have to be pushed again after the power goes off. So cassettes are a good alternative. Here's a good source for endless loop cassette tapes: Cassette House: 800-321-5738; web site: (scroll to bottom of that page).

Editors Note: Another website has been found that sells loop tapes.

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