How to build a sparrow trap

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Bruntdog's trap plans on youtube

Good evening Fellow Martineers!!

Had a bit of bad luck this past fall when my new paper lady decided to drive almost up on my porch so that she could drop off the paper. It just so happened that my sparrow trap happened to jump out in front of her pickup during her sojourn across my yard and it paid a heavy price.

I drug the ol' smashed trap out of the rubbish bin this past weekend and decided to rebuild it and film the process so that I could show other people how to make their own sparrow traps. I tried to show the entire process so that anyone could understand how to make one. Not everyone is Bob Vila!! (especially me) Anyway, The following links will take you to the videos and I hope they help somebody out.

Later, Tim

part 1
part 2
part 3