Born on the 4th of July!

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I had 60 nests with 262 fledged or nearly fledged babies. I only have about 14 of the 60 nests left and the youngest of those is 14 days.
THEN Today! brand new hatchlings.
Waaay too hot here in Oklahoma. Latest Fledge I've had before was August 8th so I know it can be done.
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Martin Colony History: Mom n Dad had a plastic 12 unit martin house with some martins as long as I can remember. In 2013 they had 1 pair. I don't think they fledged any. I then started learning how to take care of martins and in 2014 we took that house down and put up a Troyer 18 gourd rack. We had 7 pair with 28 fledged.That summer I built a T-14 (I was only 12). I was also given 4 natural gourds that I hung beneath the T-14. In 2015, we had 23 pair although only 22 pair fledged young. They fledged 88 young. In 2016, we had 36 pair, 210 eggs, 163 hatched, 149 fledge!! One pair fledged 2 broods. In 2017, I had 36 pair with 35 fledging young. They laid 204 eggs, hatched 155, and fledged 152.

Cool!!!! I just got a clutch of 5 eggs with the first one being laid the 25th of June.
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