Lesson learned from huge OK storm

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been a landlord for 20 years and still hadn't learned this lesson.
Had a horrible hail storm that killed several birds and wounded couple more and my gourds look like a gang of pellet gun wielding 12 year olds had a shoot out in my back yard.
I have about two extra porches and two extra tunnels and no extra gourds.
The Bo 11's lost about 3/4 of porches on tunnel and a lot of the tunnels have 2 inch diameter holes in them.
My Troyer horiz mostly lost pieces of the porches and surprisingly the lids were blown off or completely broken off. The shell of the Troyers were all intact.
I've stolen parts of unoccupied gourds and pieced different pieces together but was woefully unprepared
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My God ron, I looked at your location and the news about the storms ! Man! I am SO Sorry to read what you & your PMs went thru ! I always wondered what I would do, or could do if that happened here in S.A Tx. I count my blessings that in my life time, I have never seen Hail bigger than a nickel ! The ONLY thing I have EVER thought of, besides glueing foam pads on top of houses & Gourds, would be to have some sort of HEAVY Wire Dome over the whole set-up to break up the hail. BUT, That would very expensive to start with! :???: I think you're on the right track to have Back Up parts ect.. Considering your location! Good luck & God Bless you, your family & your PMs !
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So sorry, Ron - hang in there - the worst loss is martins, this is a hard time of year. You can rig patches on those gourds with holes in them, just so they keep the sun and rain out - can rig temp caps, too. One thing about martin landlords, we are flexible and resourceful, because we need to be!

Your poles stayed up, that is the good news here.
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So sorry for your losses, Ron. I have some big Bo gourds you could have if you were willing to brave the storms today or tomorrow and come to the Tulsa area and pick them up. Our area has been lucky so far. Just lots of rain.
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Had two birds on ground and couldn't catch one, he popped under fence and by the time I went around fence he was gone.
Another was concussed I believe. Put him in a spare gourd in equip room overnight. Next morning he was out and sitting on a box and never moved while I was going in and out getting supplies. about two hours later I opened door and he flew out a little wobbly but gained altitude OK.
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Sorry to hear that happen, that was really some severe damage. There is no way that most people would be prepared for such damage. Stuff happens and you did great in trying to help.

Years ago, we had an experience with hail, but it was not as damaging as your storm...

http://www.purplemartin.org/update/11%2 ... storm.html
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Waterproof duct tape should be an adequate short term (rest of the season) fix for the holes. -- John
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Hi Ron,

Just dreadful to hear this happened. I'm really sorry to hear about all the damages to your property, hurt and killed Martins which I know you care about alot

I thought is was almost completely unlikely that hail could be big enough to punch holes in gourds though it was conceivable that porches would be chipped and smashed away in part or whole.

I do not see that anyone would be prepared with extra equipment for something like that. Its not like you get killer hail yearly from this month to that month that you would know.

I hope your house and vehicle are ok. How big were these hail stones that could have done this? In addition, the winds would have been really high to rip port covers off or did they pop off when hail hit them or the gourds?

The waterproof duct tape mentioned seems like a good quick temporary fix in cases where the gourd damages allow it.

Also as far as effective adhesive bond cements/glues go, GOOP Plumers/Plomeria works on gourds plastic to plastic
It takes a day to dry if that is an option with some damaged things but it works. Silicone sealer in the tube from Home Depot is rain ready in 30 minutes and will seal cracks though I would not use it to reattach to pieces by itself.

I'm sorry to hear about this my friend.
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Sorry to hear about your birds and your housing . I dread it when we have bad storms moving through the area . A few years ago I was at work 20 miles from home and we had 75 mph sustained winds for 30 minutes .I thought that my gourds a poles would be laying on the ground when I got home. I was surprised that they were still standing and the martins were fine but seemed shook up. I would hate to have a bunch of gourds and birds destroyed.like you have experienced .I have been thinking about having extra gourds and stuff around if this would happen to my colony.
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