Starlings And Woodpeckers: Eternal Enemies

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Urielle Gittel
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Thank you for this most informative info-
It has me all bent out of shape.
I watched a beautiful red bellied woodpecker carve out a hole in a tree- he spent many hours every day for weeks-
As soon as it was done, I saw 2 of the woodpeckers there-
I thought maybe he had brought his mate (?)..
But minutes after the starlings came and they fought and took it.
Heartbreaking- this is right out my window.
Yesterday I was happy to see a woodpecker back in this nest, but this morning the starlings are back in it.
I’m in Westchester county, NY. Wondering if I should get a beebee gun or if there is anything I could or should do????
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this is a great article i read it last year and im doing my part for the woodpecker
i kill at least 300 starlings every year
2015 69 pairs 418 eggs 396 fledged
2019 I have 148 openings now
2016 100 pairs 600 babies fledged added another t-14 and have 126 openings now
2015 Jun 24 360 babies and 58 eggs also found one that had died
2017 632 babies 11died and 20 were killed by hawks
2015 74 pairs and 9 eggs 5/14
2010 3pairss
2018 651 babies 5 hawk kills 11 floater kills 25 died in houses and 610 fledged

2014 80 pairs 283 babies 282 fledged one died
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