Will Troyer horizontal gourds hang from an S & K pole

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I have an S & K pole with square rods to hang gourds from. My S & K gourds are beginning to have problems. Wanting to hang some Troyer horizontal gourds from the rack. Can I attach a heavy wire to the rod, thread it through the round hanging tube and attach again to the square rod. My worry is that the gourd might swing in the wind and bother the martins. Anyone tried this? Thanks for help or advice. Barb
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Hi barbiejo,
Instead of wire, you may want to consider troyer hoizontal gourd mounting arms sold online. They attach to some square gourd racks.
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I'm sure you could square up the 3/8" round holes in the Troyer gourds to work with your S&K 3/8" square stock gourd arms. An easy task with a small file as it will cut plastic easy with no problem. You will only be squaring up the existing round holes.
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