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We are in southeastern Ohio, and most of my colony has left to migrate. I have three active nests. Two of those have young at least 20 days old, as they are out on the porches begging for food. But I haven't seen young in the third, although the parents are feeding. On July 7, these three nests all had eggs only.
I am fearful that the adults will leave before the young fledge due to the urge to migrate and because most of the colony is gone. Does this happen? I'm terrified!!! What would I do if the adults leave??
Thanks for any help
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I wouldn't worry too much. I had one cavity that lagged more than 2 weeks beyond the rest this year. The parents kept feeding until yesterday, when there was a small party and the fledgelings left the nest. It was kind of weird. 12/14 cavities had nests this year, and 11 of them fledged all at once (big party!). And then there was this lonely little pair of chicks...
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I am sure it has happened as nothing is set in stone with mother nature but I have never heard of martins abandoning active nest due to their urge to migrate south. If I had parents that stopped returning to a nest that had young that have not fledged I would assume they (parents) were killed.
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