Birds all gone

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All my birds have left for the year I guess. Haven’t seen any at my place in 3 or 4 days my friend a few miles away he still has around 20 or so. Going to be a long wait until spring.
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Soon our Martin's will be gone,
The mornings will seem to linger on.
We'll wait for the day the first one returns,
The chatter, the chirping, the flying, the song.
That will be a pretty morn.
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Martin Colony History: Started 2015 with 6 HTG excluders, added 6 S&K Bo with excluder tunnels in 2016. Full occupancy both years, many fledglings.

Most of my colony has flown the coop, so to speak, but there were two late pair finishing up their broods until this week. Now, my gourd racks are absolutely teeming with fledgling martins! All the SY and mature birds are gone, but the light bellies are here. It is almost like a pre-roost roost. Or maybe these guys were heading south and stumbled upon my yard...hopefully imprinting so they come back next February!
Dave Duit
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thank you for the poem Brent. Sad to see the migration south.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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You're welcome Dave.
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