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i have 2 t-14 up this year up from 1 last year. I have a ground repeating trap that is not catching anything. . I have been pulling out the sparrow nests regular, but that not a FIX. I have been unsucessful at shooting the pellet gun because every time i try it seems to be windy. I have a small trap for the t-14 and that hasn't been working. There are currently 9 martin nests with 5 sparrow nests. I am afraid to Block off the sparrow unit for fear they will just go to another and that might be a martin spot.

Amy other suggestions Thanks Dan
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You might try an in-cavity trap, one that fits inside the T-14. Place it only in a room with an active house sparrow nest. Push some of sparrow nest back further, put trap in, and put a bit of sparrow nest material in front of trap, too. link to pmca traps: I have had good luck with the two deluxe sparrow traps - one for crescent entrances is what I use.
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The wind isn't responsible for the pellet gun mishaps. Pellet guns need to be sighted in, adjusted, and practiced with regularly. Only then can you expect to hit something as small as a house sparrow. Buy some paper targets, make sight adjustments, and practice. It's not that easy to hit a HOSP. Practice and sight adjustments are required.
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