Nest check today 5/29/20

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2017 - 1 pair, 3 fledged
2018- 2 pair, 12 fledged
2019 - 4 pair, 21 fledged
2020 - 15 pair, 67 fledged

I went out and had a quick peak.

Numbers this week: 43 babies, 16 eggs
Numbers last week: 10 babies 50 eggs

I did have one strange occurrence in that my gourd 16 last week had 4 eggs. This week in #16 there were none at all but there was a nest. I did notice a SY martin popping in and out of 16 as well as 15 so not sure what happened there. I'll keep watching.

Numbers this year are far greater than last year so that's good.

Everybody is healthy and there are no parasites. No HOSP and no starlings. Decoys are keeping the hawks perplexed. Hadn't seen one in a while. Some babies were small and pink others had first growth of feathers. I took pictures and may add them later.

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