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Joined: Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:21 pm
Location: Lawrence, KS area
Martin Colony History: 2015 - 1 pair, not successful (Sparrows)
2016 - 1 pair, 4 young
2017 - 5 pair, 23 young
2018 - 8 pair, 40 young, two deaths most likely due to heat.
2019 - 18 pair, 74 eggs, 1 nest abandoned, all the rest successful.
2020 - 32 nests, unknown exact egg numbers, 1 death.

Lots of fighting going on at my site. Birds all the way on the ground fighting. Way more than a normal year. Found 6-7 broken eggs on the ground today. Always find some early in the season that I’m guessing they just deem “bad eggs” and push them out. I do not have a sparrow problem. Have a pair of wrens around but they settled on a nest far enough away. Wondering if these are just the usual “bad eggs” or if I have a bit of a male Martin problem? Hard telling. We shall see.
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