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Martin Colony History: Year 1: 10 pair, 24 fledged, 15 eggs non-viable

So this is our second year with Martins, and our luck continues from last year, from 10 pairs, to over 30 Martin's now, hard to really count with the constant flying. One thing I've noticed is with a larger colony they've become much more aggressive with their territory. I first noticed when the adults returned this year, and there were only a few, but a hawk landed in my fruit tree which is about 150 feet away and they were quick to chase it off. Now with as many martins as there are, any Hawks, crows, cats that come near our yard or even into my neighbors they are blitzkrieging it. We live in a small community which was old farm land subdivided into 6 acre lots. Each property is about 330 feet wide and it is wild there birds claim that much area. Amazing to watch to say the least! I'll try and post a video next time I'm able to witness an overconfident hawk come close.

Not a chase, but just some morning gourd action.

2019 first time with Martin's, first arrived 4/24 10 pair, 24 fledged, 15 eggs non-viable
2020 first arrived 3/27
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