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I have a warbler bird building a nest in my gourds, should I remove it or leave it along?
Black Jack
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Never let anything other than a purple martin nest in your gourds.
If they fledge little ones they will be back next year. A no no.
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Warblers are not cavity nesters. You are probably dealing with introduced common house sparrows nesting in your gourds. Do what you can to definitely identify the species. If it's a house sparrow, eliminate them. It may sound heartless, but KILL THEM. Tree swallows, wrens, bluebirds are ok; give them a brake and provide nesting opportunities for them next season.
Louise Chambers
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Without a good ID, it's hard to give you a firm answer. Try to get a photo of the bird, or of the nest it made in the gourd. There is a cavity-nesting warbler that might nest in a gourd, prothonotary warbler - and if you have one, let it stay. Flycatchers, wrens, titmice, chickadees, plus bluebirds and tree swallows might also nest in a gourd, and depending on which one it is, there are strategies to relocate them - but not legal to trap them or remove eggs/babies.
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Thanks, I’m new trying to get martins to my area.
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