The 2020 Martin Season has begun!

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We've had our first Purple Martin sightings in Florida and Louisiana! Keep track of the martin arrivals and report your own by visiting the PMCA's Scout-Arrival Study at ... val-study/
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I live in Victoria, TX on 71/2 acres with an ideal location for a martin house. Away from trees, water nearby and power lines available for perching. I had a really beat up plastic house with 8 pairs last year. I replaced it with a 12 apartment aluminum job, put it up in early February and I now have NO tenants, none. I haven't even had a problem with sparrows this year which I almost always have. It seems the bird population in my spot is down except for the buzzards. Does anyone have any ideas as to why I had no returns this year? Is the problem aluminum? Comments anybody?
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I am in Amherst, Ohio. Put a 8 gourd system up last year and did not have any Martins. This year I finally see a Martin flying in the yard. But he is ignoring the gourds and keeps trying to enter a small cedar birdhouse nearby that is 5 feet off the ground. I am confused. Maybe he is too?
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Martin Colony History: 2016 bought 6 gourds. Pole put up late in June due to HOA approval. Had visitor birds but no pairs that stayed.
2017 12 gourds- Pole up 3/1 and had male and females visit but didn’t pair up.
2018 upgraded to 2 inch sq pole/winch and will have 24 gourds. Many solo visitors but seem to be passing by. Will trim trees and check fly ways.
2019 saw only one or two martins all summer. Brothers Martins didn’t show up at all.
2020 3 pairs, 1st- 5 eggs/ 2nd hatched 2 fledged, 2 - 5 eggs/ 2-5 hatched fledging 7/20-8/1, 3rd formed late July and no nest built.

It might be a Tree Swallow. Tree swallows have a very white belly and the males have a greenish to them and are about 1/4 smaller. It took me a few days to persuade a pair from my martin pole. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was crazy waving my broom around but I had to keep them from nesting. I closed off as many holes as I could. I had one pair of martins arrive this year. My first, and I wanted to defend the pole while they are out feeding. Now the Martins drive them away if they get close and that's a good thing. Its a chore to fend of the tree swallows once they nest. You pretty much have to slowing move that gourd away from the pole over a few days and get it far enough away they dont chase the martins away. I do hope that the martins come for you. Plenty of time left. Good luck.
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