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To help us have a better understanding of wing entrapment and how it occurs we're asking for your help. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey concerning wing entrapment here; We're interested in hearing from all landlords, whether they have or have not experienced wing entrapment. As always, if you have any questions please give us a call at 814-833-7656.
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I completed the questionnaire.

It occurs to me that it might be informative to add a couple of additional questions, both for those who have and have not had an instance of wing-entrapment.

* What housing type do you use? (eg. Natural gourd, S&K Bo11 with tunnel, PMCA Excluder Gourd with porch, Trendsetter 8, etc.)

* What entrance type do you use (eg. round, crescent, Excluder !!, Clinger, etc.)

* What built-in or add-on wing-entrapment features do you use (if any)?

Those who have never had an instance of wing-entrapment may be doing something differently than those who have but you don't really collect any specific data from them. But possibly I misunderstood exactly what questions you want to answer with the survey.

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I have a Trendsetter 18 which I have used for the past 12 years or more. There is one compartment that I have constantly had trouble with wing entrapment. It is a compartment in which the PM will enter and turn right to enter the nest. I cannot tell you how many females I have lost trying to enter the compartment. Of course to leave the compartment, she must leave the nest and turn left to leave. I closed this particular compartment up for several years but I made the mistake of opening it up again for the 2019 season. Bad mistake. Another wing entrapment! I closed it again and will never use this compartment again. I might add that the Trendsetter that I use, utilizes a wood tray that sits on the floor of the compartment. I will keep this compartment forever closed. It is sort of strange since this type of compartment has the same type of entrance on 4 corners. For some reason this one compartment has always been a problem.
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I never have had wing entrapment. A simple way to stop wing entrapment is to make the entrance thicker (3/4in to 1in (the wider the better). I do that by adding and using sideboards. It is my opinion that the real narrow entrances are the worst kind of entrance
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I need some feedback by someone who has some knowledge about the anatomy of adult martins. I am considering placing two slots on a SREH. I want them to be a pair of crescent slots (WESS, wing entrapment safety slots) designed to recapture some the loss space of the safer round hole. Hopefully, these slots will allow a martin to extract its trapped wing and at the same time not make a breech easier for a starling. I need to know the size and the length these slots need to be in order to be effective.
I envision these slots providing more ventilation on the one hand, but wetter nest are a possibility. The S and K Owl guards can provide some reduction of ingress of rain water.

I would appreciate feedback concerning the idea’s potential for success or potential for creating hazards. Thanks.
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Emil Pampell-Tx wrote:
Wed Aug 07, 2019 6:56 am
I never have had wing entrapment. A simple way to stop wing entrapment is to make the entrance thicker (3/4in to 1in (the wider the better). I do that by adding and using sideboards. It is my opinion that the real narrow entrances are the worst kind of entrance
... “Emil Pampell-Tx” ... Keep preaching about your Sideboards.... One day someone will listen to you and your great idea, I’m surprised that someone who manufactures Martins Houses have not picked up on your idea... and it saves the Martins from getting caught by their wings in the entrance...

....Thanks.... Emil for all you do for our Purple Martins..

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I know them Troyer Boy’s (Andrew & Adam) have Wing Entrapment built in to their Gourd’s. And they have a single Entrance that incorporates (comes with) a Wing Entrapment feature.

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I’ve had wing entrapment only when they were fighting. I’m going to put in wing entrapment guards this winter and see if they make a difference next spring. It only happens in the early spring.
Hope this helps!
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