Deluxe Gourd rack ground sleeve for ground stake?

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Has anyone planted a ground sleeve for the deluxe gourd rack ground stake? Basically I don’t want a stake sticking out of the ground for the 7-8 months while the martins are away. Are there any landlords that do this or have done this? Should I go for it or is it a bad idea for some reason.
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Two SuperGourd poles (12 gourds on each) at River Point Assisted Living Center.


I leave the pole over the ground stake year round. I do remove the gourds during the winter and keep them in storage. For the first time this off-season, I left the perching rods in place also.

In February, I take the pole down to lubricate the pulleys and wax the pole and predator guard. Then I reinstall the gourds and start watching the skies.
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I have three ground stakes for 2 inch square gourd racks embedded in concrete for stability. I pull the gourds, arms and the entire poles for winter storage. I clean and oil all the bolts, nuts, pulleys and anything else that can deteriorate before I store it. The spring is busy enough with out having to tend to maintenance.They are too expensive to expose to the weather year round. Maybe our winters are more severe but the UV from the sun will also cause damage. I cover the exposed stakes in the off season. They are not unsightly. You could build a wooden sleeve to cover it if you don't like the exposed ground stake.

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I use a ground sleeve for a 2 inch square tube, you need a little longer pole to get your desired height. If you have ground water, wet soils, you may have rust problems in the future. I leave my pole in now permanently, but the original idea was to make it removable.
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I have several ground sleeves in use across several sites that I have. I find them very useful, and agree with your idea 100%. Remove the pole and the ground stake, and just leave the sleeve in the ground. I will cover the ground sleeve to keep water from getting in, since we have ground freezes to a depth of around 30", so I think the covers help. For the 2" sleeves, I go to my local Ford dealer and get a couple plastic trailer hitch covers. For the 3" square sleeves, I cut a piece of Masonite about 4" x 4" and a piece of 2"x4" to fit inside of the 3" square sleeve. You definitely want to leave at least a 1/4" or more of space in case there is any swelling of the wood.

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