Final 2017 fledging count from Larimore ND

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Final 2017 fledging count from Larimore ND

Postby Caroline94535-ND » Sat Aug 12, 2017 1:59 pm

My birds all fledged a few days ago here in Larimore, ND.

I had 12 active pair of Purple Martins. They laid 65 eggs in 12 gourds

9 of the 65 eggs did not hatch. Four of these eggs had a partially developed embryos. The other five had nearly fully developed embryos. The female martin for this nest "disappeared" a couple days before they should have hatched. I know the Cooper's Hawk got her.

65 eggs laid.

56 chicks hatched.

54 chicks fledged.

The season is not totally over. As I lowered the rack and started removing all the lids, about 12 martins were flying around and chattering overhead. They are still watching out for their home!

This is Aug. 12; the latest I've ever seen PMs here before was Aug. 10. New Record!
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