Gourds Racks in St. Charles County MO need new home

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Gourds Racks in St. Charles County MO need new home

Postby John Miller » Mon Jul 24, 2017 12:30 pm

I have learned that two heavy duty, home-made gourd racks need to be removed from a golf course in St. Charles County, Mo, also two Coates houses on the telescoping poles, before next season. The volunteer landlord is taking the housing down because the course wants to reconfigure some of the grounds, and he's getting older. He is giving the gourds to his son. The gourd racks are steel poles, winch and cable, and wooden arms. The racks are cemented directly into the ground and will need to be cut off, and then could be remounted. If anyone has interest, message or call me for the name and location. my no. is 314 781 2525

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