Triangular poles

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Triangular poles

Postby teridickinson » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:02 pm

Hi all,
Bought a new house with two horrifying msrtin houses chock full of starlings. One was the telescoping pole from nature house with the house on top where the pole goes through the middle.

It's completely frozen

The other pole is triangular and still somewhat lowers up and down but the was plastic and ruined so i trashed it.

My idea was to put the aluminum house on the triangular pole and use my sparrow door traps in it.

I thought the triangle pole was S&K so i bought the "opposite adaptor" from them that gies from triangular to round thinking i would put the adaptor on the pole and turn put the house on the round part.

Turns out the adaptor is the same diameter as the top of the pole. Wont go over or inside existing section

Do i have the wrong company? Does someone else make a triangular pole?

It still has three sections, so i dont think I'm missing one.

Any ideas?

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