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Postby I heart birds » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:06 pm

our female brought her fledgelings home for the 7th straight night, usual crashing around, lots of excitement and noise, going to the wrong cavity and getting straightened out quick by the residents. however there were 4 more fledgelings in tow! don't know where they came from, couldnt tell if there were any adults in attendance...pure chaos; they tried entering cavities with the other fledgelings but that didnt work, one got in but the female went right after him...they tried going into other cavities, didnt work...residents made short work of them too. they were landing on the vacant porches and shelves for shelter and company, poor old guys. Still there, ill look first thing in the morning.

is this normal? ASY female brought her chicks home 7 nights now; these guys were not much older then her chicks.

2016-Wanna be LL. Two lookers. nada
2017-5 pairs. 15 Fledged
2018-18 pairs. 85 Fledged.

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