Daytime visitors or potential tenants?

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Daytime visitors or potential tenants?

Postby tjm80 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:27 pm

I have 3 nests, 2 should be fledging in the next week or so, and another that should fledge in 2-3 weeks. So that accounts for 6 birds. But during the day I have 10-12 that constantly hang around, with 2-3 being ASY males. They are constantly checking compartments out and bickering with each other, but I really only see them mid day. I have a neighbor with a decent colony so it could be his visiting, but their behavior is like they're fighting for compartments.

Any veteran landlords able to shed some light on my situation? Im also curious as to the latest they will start nests in central MS.
2016 - 4 gourds, 2 unlucky SY bachelors
2017 - 4 gourds, added a T14. 3 SY pairs, 3 nests, 14 eggs, 14 hatched, 13 nestlings.
2018 - as of April 10, approximately 16 Martins, mostly ASY, a few SY. No nests yet.

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