Fledged Shepherd's Hook Mounted Gourd Young

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Martin Colony History: I moved to South Florida, from Delaware, in August of 2015.

I have 5 MSS-8 houses, with Excluder entrances, here on my condo grounds. Fully occupied last season.

At Quiet Waters Park, nearby in Deerfield Beach, I have a Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 TVG's. Last season I had two nesting pairs. I had to modify the Conley 2 entrances with the Lewis modification using signboard and such. That seemed to stop the starling problem.

At another local park, Tradewinds Park at Coconut Creek, I have a Trendsetter 12, MSS-8 and Minicastle. I had 16 nesting pairs there.

Fledged Shepherd's Hook Mounted Gourd Young

Postby Carlton » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:06 am

Today is Day 30, from hatching, and all four of my shepherd's hook hung Excluder gourd young martins fledged. I am ELATED! It was an experiment and it worked. I think the reason it worked was that the shepherd's hook mounted gourds, suspended from 84 inch tall hooks, were RIGHT beside & facing the wide open lake. In fact when the monsoon occurred with over 10 inches of rain for a couple days, the base of the shepherd's hook was IN the lake.

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