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I thought I was well into the season wth over 270 eggs/babies in 3 gourd racks of 24 each. Oldest babies about 14 days old.
I checked all three racks on 5/30.
Today I lowered them and had 3!!!!, yes three nests with new eggs that were empty on 5/30.
It makes me wonder if these re refugees from another colony or something.
Is it normal to have such late nesters after everyone else been here so long?
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That is weird I have 2 houses empty that all of a sudden a male and female are building nests.
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Most of the time when you have something like that happen! Means that something went wrong at their colony that they were nesting at! Could of been and predator problem or really anything that made them leave the site! Maybe something with a storm came though and damaged their house or really anything! I have a colony that is about a 1/4 mile from me and their houses got damaged from a storm with 90 mile per hour winds! We have noticed that more martins have been visiting my site after that storm came through!

Hope this helps!! Good luck!

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Ron, I don't find anything unusual about finding new eggs 3 days after you did a nest check and found over 300. Have you done regular nest checks throughout the season and in past years? The new ones seem pretty much in sync with the those you found 3 days earlier.
I do find it remarkable that you found 41 new eggs in the three new compartments you mention. In my opinion, it is highly unlikely that martins from another site found your site and laid 41 days within a few days of arrival. Generally it takes at least 10 days after a martin begins nesting following displacement, renesting, or second broods before they will reproduce eggs at a site.

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I do pretty regular nest checks, prob avg about every 4 days, then when time to do 10 day nest checks I take them down almost every day to change out individual nests.
I did a nest check on 6/2 bt it was relatively col and had been raining earlier. About 6 adults stayed in nests so I only checked the one gourd.
Today I checked the other two gourds and there were 5 more nests with new eggs.

To complicate things, I realized I have 3 nests that I wrote down eggs on 5/1 but there are only eggs still in nests, untouched. Strangely 5 in all three. I hate to take them out thinkig I may have written down the wrong date, but my guess is hawk predation on the mom

I now have 5 nests that have 14 day old babies,
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