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I had a nest with 6 eggs and I checked the nest 5 days later and there are no eggs and no egg shells. To me that means snake.
I have never been able to get netting to work right even after people send me plans and diagrams. I do have the metal predator guards.
Last year I had a nest with 7 eggs, went out of town and checked it a week later and all eggs gone.
It didn't continue.
If a snake gets started I would think they would keep coming back just like the hawks do.

Anything else eat only one nest of eggs and move on?
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Good question,you may never know what happens in the nest at night,unless you see it with your own eyes,you can assume every scenario in the book,I think I would hook up a night vision camera,have it record to a Dvr,then you would be able to see what's going on 24/7,there are some good stater kits online,good luck.
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