My best year so far!

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After reconfiguring my housing to 3 gemini racks I have 24 troy horz and 48 Bo 11s
Had my first set of babies two days ago and a second today.
total of 48 nests and 253 eggs and two nests of babies!
So Fun!
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Congratulations! Keep up the good work.
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Sadly my wife said "thats enough housing" because she's worried the neighbors will complain.
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Martin Colony History: 2016 Informed landlord now Have 2 pair returning from 2015 That is a miracle. Hoping for a very successful year, sparrow population on decline.
First house was plastic with crescent holes Had martins within a few days. Ignorant landlord gradually lost them
Then got Trio House and still lost most of them. Lots of sparrows

Hi fellow Oklahoman :)
Could you post pics of your racks?
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2016 Started with 2 pair, 1 pair abandoned after HOSP destroyed eggs
1 pair= 6 eggs, 6 fledged
2017 1 pair so far, But they abandoned before nest complete for ?reason? Now Bridless and joined the Wannabes
2018 One pair ASY male SY female 5 eggs, 5 fledged
James Strickland FL
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Martin Colony History: 2017 Had a lot visitors no Matins nesting, hoping 2018 will be different.
2018 Had 1 pair
2019 had 30 pair

I would forget about the neighbors. Nature sometimes get the rights over humans. We have take much more from them.
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