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I have a 24 count gourd rack Troyer horiz that is probably the birds favorite rack out of three. Its a standard 6/level rope pulley. I just got first two scouts today. I want to move it about 2 feet over and replace it with a Gemini.
Since I am late do you think it would still be ok? As long as I don't move it to the other side of yard or house, do they care by a few feet or a slightly different configuration. They were very happy when I put this one in in place of a aluminum house about 10 years ago.
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Martin Colony History: 22 year landlord, 14 at current residence..offering 9 racks and a homemade T-8 for 166 total cavities. 160 Pair in 2018 Racks consist of a Deluxe 12, AAA 16, Starburst 16, 2 K-18 Series, Super 24, 2 Gemini, Multi-purpose/two trio’s/4gourds and a T-8..Great hobby to be involved in..

You should be fine Ron if it's only a couple feet..they won't notice that..the might like that new Gemini even better!! Good luck..
22 year landlord..9 Rack Systems for 2018 and my home built T-8 for a total of 166 cavities..160 pair in 2018 ..SUPER COLONY!!! Love You Bev... Fan of those St. Louis Cardinals!!!!!
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