PMCA launches Affiliates Program

Dear partner in Purple Martin conservation:

Back in 1987 when PMCA was founded, relatively few martin organizations existed, choices of martin products were limited, and information on how to manage for Purple Martins was not readily accessible.  It made sense then for PMCA to focus its work on developing the fundamentals of martin husbandry.  Today, however, many fine martin organizations exist in the US and Canada, a surprising number of businesses produce high quality products designed for martins, and anyone with access to the internet can find lots of good information on how to attract and manage Purple Martins. 

These advancements in the Purple Martin world, have gradually allowed the PMCA to shift from researching and developing fundamentals to fostering more cooperative, community based, conservation.  Along the way you have seen us:

  • Develop citizen science projects like Project Martinroost. 
  • Enter into highly productive research partnerships, leading to cutting edge studies of martin behavior, survival and migration. 
  • Foster the formation of working groups to address declines of martin populations.
  • Establish an endowment fund to support others doing good works for martins.

Now we are launching the PMCA Affiliates Program to further advance cooperative, community based conservation of Purple Martins.

The goal of the PMCA Affiliates program is to advance the conservation and perpetuation of Purple Martins. Affiliate membership in the program shall be open to any organization, club, working group or other entity whose missions, goals, and activities are compatible with the mission of the PMCA.  Membership will convey many benefits, including complimentary organizational memberships in each other's organization, and mutual recognition and promotion of each organization.  Regarding the latter, we think that Affiliates will be pleased to have their organizations featured on the new web site that we are currently developing.  The new PMCA web site will strongly emphasize building community and capacity for mutual conservation of Purple Martins.

We hope that organizations, clubs, working groups and other entities involved with Purple Martins will check out the details of the PMCA affiliates program HERE and consider joining.  Affiliating with the PMCA does not involve any financial arrangements, and the sharing of member lists is not a requirement.  There really is no down side for either partner in the affiliation.

Thanks for your consideration and for all that you do for Purple Martins.  May you and your birds have a productive and enjoyable martin season.


Craig R. Kern, President